Sunday, 30 November 2014

What Will It Be Like A 100 Years Later?

Have you ever imagined what it might be a 100 years later?
The moon will be the most popular shopping place
And people will be spending their summer vacations on Mars
Or even Pluto.

Scientists and astronauts will journey as far another solar system
And maybe discover intelligent aliens?
We will have the most enjoyable day of our lives
And back on Earth, robots will be doing all our work.

Can you imagine how fun it will be?
Doing all our school and office work on the computer,
Or maybe on a supercomputer,
And relaxing all day at home,

There would be no poor people to roam the Earth
And a world full of peace, a utopian world which we all dream of.
- Siddhant Doshi


  1. Siddhant, 100 years from now sounds like an exciting time to live in ! Good work in writing this up !

  2. Sounds thrilling and entertaining. I really wish could live in a world like that. Shopping in the moon and meeting intelligent aliens. Really nice work Siddhant.

  3. Lovely poem - will show it to Aadit - I am sure he will enjoy it!

  4. Lovely article, Siddhant. I firmly believe you, your friends, and your generation can create this "Utopia" if you put your collective minds to it. It is so important to want a peaceful world, a world without poverty; and now that you want it - I'm sure you will make it happen! :-) Do remember me when you are shopping on the moon, and spending your summer vacation on Mars.
    Deepma Aunty

  5. Very nice article from a small "Big" mind. Great imagination.. Congrats dear

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